Quantum Matter and Materials – QM2

Two collaborative research centers approved


On May 25th 2016 the DFG approved two Collaborative Research Centers (CRC) which are an important part of the research program of QM2.

The CRC Dynamics and Control of Quantum Materials: Topology, Spin-orbit Coupling and Correlations (speaker Paul van Loosdrecht, Cologne) investigates how spin-orbit coupling induces new states of matter, often with special topological properties. Two groups from Bonn and Jülich join this QM2 initiative.

The CRC Entangled States of Matter (speaker Alexander Altland) is a collaboration of scientists from Cologne, Berlin, Copenhagen, and the Weizmann institute in Israel. Combining concepts from quantum information theory, topology and solid state physics the CRC investigates new concept to realize quantum entanglement in novel quantum device.


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