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New Collaborative Research Center in Mathematics approved

On November 18th 2016 the DFG approved a new Collaborative Research Center (CRC) which is an integral part of the research program of QM2. The CRC Symplectic Structures and Techniques in Geometry, Algebra and Dynamics (speaker Hansjörg Geiges, Cologne) joins the forces of, on the one hand, mathematicians who have beensocialized in symplectic geometry and, on the other, scientists working in areas that have proved important for the cross-fertilization of ideas with symplectic geometry, notably dynamics and algebra.
In addition, the CRC intends to explore connections with fields where, so far, the potential of the symplectic viewpoint has not been fully realized or, conversely, which can contribute new methodology to the study of symplectic questions (e.g. optimization, computer science).
A group from Bochum and two further researchers from Münster join this QM2 initiative.

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