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Financial Support

Support and funding

QM2 offers financial support for a wide range of activities. Within QM2 we want to foster collaborations, establish a vigorous guest program and to support families and women. 

For all programs listed below, please send a short informal application or inquiry to the QM2 administration.

Support for PhD students and postdocs

  • QM2 encourages students to stay several month abroad during their PhD. Students can apply for support of living and travel costs for these international internships.
  • Postdocs can also ask for financial support for small independent research projects, if, e.g., some equipment is needed. Especially projects involving two (or more) groups are encouraged.
  • QM2 will also supports once per year a small workshops for (and organized by) PhD students

Gender and family support

  • A child-in office is currently set up. You will find a children‘s play area in combination with a working environment. More detailed informations will follow.
  • QM2 can support additional costs for child care, e.g., during workshops and conferences.
  • You can also apply for other gender/family related support programs. Possible examples are home office equipment or salaries for student assistants that support lab experiments of expecting women.

Guest program

QM2 provides flexible funds for short-term and long-term visitors.

Competence Area

Cross-disciplinary workshops within the competence area Quantitative Modelling of Complex Systems can be supported by QM2.

Scientific Projects

Members of QM2 can apply for funding of scientific projects. Evaluation criteria are (i) scientific excellence, (ii) the formation of scientific collaboration within QM2, with our partners and with groups interested to join QM2, and (iii) sustainability of the project (e.g., plans to attract external funding).