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AFM Tutorial

Nanostructure Characterization by Atomic Force Microscopy

Christian Teichert | Institute of Physics, Montanuniversität Leoben, Austria


11/12 September 2014 | 1 pm?–?5 pm

Seminar room
II. Physical Institute


11th september

• Introduction
• Quantitative roughness analysis
• Morphological analysis of inorganic and organic nanostructure arrays
• Frequent problems in imaging and image analysis
• Friction force and transverse shear microscopy, mapping of adhession
   forces with functionalized probes 
• Nanomechanical characterization by AFM

12th september

• Electrical characterization on the nanometer scale by C-AFM, KPFM, photoconductivity, ...
• Magnetic Force Microscopy
• Discussion of specific AFM problems of the participants