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Topological matter

Topological matter is currently perceived as one of the most exciting research areas in condensed matter physics. The combination of beautiful mathematics with concepts from field theory, quantum information theory and material sciences as well as the prospects of future applications make this area so attractive.
Research in Cologne covers many aspects at the intersection of these fields including the classification of topological matter, search for topological insulators in weak spin-orbit coupled Mott insulators, and the stability of topological quantum matter in presence of interactions, disorder, and other perturbations. 

A different line of research concerns the dynamics of topologically quantized magnetic whirls in chiral metal, so-called skyrmions. These magnetic whirls can be manipulated by ultrasmall current densities. Groups in
Cologne are also studying the electric properties of skyrmions, search for new materials or investigate various topological defects. 

Groups: Altland Becker-Bohatý | Garst | Fritz Hemberger 
Khomskii Nattermann | Rosch Trebst Quella | Zirnbauer