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Nano and bulk materials 

A goal of QM2 is to develop a wide range of materials with extraordinary surface-, interface-, nano-, and bulk properties. Energy-transfer techniques such as microwave and plasmas can be applied to transform simple chemicals into solid-state nano- and heterostructures (e.g., p-n junctions) and to obtain material systems with enhanced functionalities. Combining functional polymers with dipolar and anisotropic particles allows to create organic-inorganic composites with interesting (e.g., magnetic) properties. Targeted production of new surfaces, for instance on nanoparticles, produce hybrid core-shell or janus-like structures with a wide  application potential. Vapor phase methods such as chemical vapor deposition (CVD) and atomic layer deposition (ALD) are employed to selectively synthesize and modify various nanostructures with atomically precise composition and structural features. Similarly, charge-transfer processes across molecular – semiconductor interfaces and hetero-junctions are driven by the electronic coupling and charge transfer between the adsorbate and substrate are key steps in the development of photovoltaics and organic electronics.

Graphene-hybrids are an example for interface-materials with new properties. They combine the pure surface material graphene with other phases in a layered structure under very controlled conditions in order to functionalize graphene and to bestow it with new properties.

Electronic correlations and magnetism has proven to be a good playground in search for new materials with interesting physical properties and functions. In particular in the fields of multiferroics and frustrated magnetism new materials or classes of materials have been discovered. One local focus is on the growth of large single crystals of transition-metal oxides. The demand for sources of coherent light, which cannot be realized by the direct lasing process, drives the development of new crystalline materials of nonlinear optics. 

Groups: Becker-Bohatý | Bohatý | Braden | Lorenz | Mathur | Michely | Meerholz | Schmidt