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Quantum matter far from equilibrium

New phenomena can be expected when quantum matter is driven away from thermal equilibrium. The field of non-equilibrium quantum systems is characterized by advances in theory but especially by a spectacular experimental progress in the precise manipulation of quantum systems, e.g., of ultracold atoms, and by new time-resolved pump-probe techniques. Research topics include the realization of new states of matter, the manipulation of topological defects and the switching of multiferroic domains, or properties of periodically driven systems. An interesting research direction is to link methods and phenomena from classical and quantum physics. Both in experiment and theory, we consider non-equilibrium systems, short-time spectroscopy, and the manipulation of topological states of matter as some of the most promising research areas.

Groups: Altland | Becker-Bohatý | Bohatý | Braden | Krug | Loosdrecht | Rosch