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Multiferroics are materials in which at least two primary ferroic order parameters, such as ferromagnetism, ferroelasticity, ferroelectricity, or ferrotoroidicity coexist. In recent years the rare class of magnetoelectric multiferroics, in which ferroelectricity and magnetism are strongly coupled, has attracted an increasing scientific and technological interest: The possibility to mutually control ferroelectric polarization by magnetic field or vice-versa magnetization by an electric field opens prospects for applications such as memory or sensor devices. The research activities in Cologne focus on new mechanisms for multiferroicity, the exploration of new materials and the study of excitations and the direct investigation of the dynamics of domain switching. 

Groups: Becker-Bohatý | Bohatý | Braden | Grüninger | Hemberger | Khomskii | Loosdrecht