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Equal Opportunities at QM2

© Lisa Beller


QM2 has the goal to forward gender equity and improve the work-life balance on all qualification levels. In close interaction with the related contact points within the university (see links below), we endorse the provision of mentoring and job sharing programs and the supply of dual career and family support.

Within the Center of Excellence QM2, flexible support is offered to families of scientists and students to further improve the compatibility of family and university life. For example, we can provide support in the following way:

Parental leave fellowships:  

For expecting parents facing the limitations of experimental lab, funding for appropriate lab assistance can be provided. For parental leave periods, financial support can be complemented if not covered by other means.

Parent-Child Room:

The room at the Department of Physics, available for self-organized child care, comprises a children’s play area as well as an office working environment including computer, telephone and discussion area. The Parent-Child-Room can be used by parents in case of a short-time drop out of regular child care, or mid-term for the periods of re-entry. more information 

Child care:

will be provided during the workshops of the KPA either locally, or in support to the existing child-care facilities of the university upon request. For other conference visits or measurement campaigns, we help as a contact and offer financial support if needed. Young families planning a stay abroad during the PhD can apply for extra funding concerning the additional costs for child care.