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Guests of QM2 come to Cologne to participate in a stimulating research environment. They find the time to finish old projects and start new ones, they strengthen existing and build up new collaborations, develop new ideas and share their visions with students, local groups and other guests. 

Our program QM2-GUESTS invites collaborators and visitors to come to QM2 for short and extended stays (2 weeks–7 months).


QM2 can provide flexible support for our guests. Financial support can be given both for travel and living costs. In selected cases we can provide summer (or winter) salaries.

Together with the welcome centre of the University, Albert’s international assistance, the QM2-GUESTS team will help with administrative aspects of the visit, including housing and family support.

Advanced Mini Group

In an Advanced Mini Group, two or three researchers coordinate their visit to Cologne to work together on a joint project.

Applying to QM2-GUESTS

Please choose first the research group you would like to interact with during your stay. Information on research areas, research groups and our guest program can be found on our website www.qm2.uni-koeln.de. You can either contact the research group directly or send an application with CV, a short description of your plans and of possible collaborations within QM2 to

Klaus Meerholz 
Department of Chemistry 
University of Cologne 
Tel. +49 221 470 3275

Achim Rosch
Institute of Theoretical Physics
University of Cologne
Tel. +49 221 470 4994